Monday, January 9, 2012

Black and Brown Ruffled Pillows

Lazy Sunday, what not better than relaxing and sewing some pillows.
Some people have cats - we have pillows! :) I'm still working with my New York fabric swatches. I cut 32 black and 32 brown 5" squares and laid them out in one big square. Not really sure what to do with those first, but there was a leftover pillow sitting on the floor... Decision made! The pillow is a 18"x18" (You will only need 32 squares total, if you sew one pillow!)

One row at a time, I sewed four squares together

Put right sides together, sew along the side, attach one more square to it, until there are four.

I ruffled black and brown leftover fabric into 5.5" stripes. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, it will shrink quite a bit. My initial stripes were 18" long and after everything was ruffled up they were about 6".

I laid the ruffled fabric over the square fabric and sewed in a straight line over both. 

When all squares were sewed together in fours, I put right sides together and pinned them together

Sewed each row to the next, with alternating the colors.

TADA.. A new decorative Pillow for the bed.

One side has brown ruffles

the other one has black ones.

One pillow done, one to go... Maybe tonight!?

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