Friday, November 4, 2011


and finally it is here - the weekend with amazing, but cold weather.

Brian was out of town for 9 days and I'm so glad to have him back. I hate being by myself at night. Also right now there is not really any reason to be scared in our neighborhood at night. Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn are filming "Neighborhood Watch" across the street from us (3pm - 6am) and the police is EVERYWHERE.
Yesterday I went over there with my american-mom Bj. It was fun, but freezing cold. Ben Stiller had one scene he was filming over and over again and we had to scream NO MORE MURDERS.

That was the view we had. Ben Stiller is the guy next to the E with the blue sweater and the white print.

We might even be on TV for about a tiny second when it comes out. After two hours of mostly waiting, we decided on going home. I heard them from my bedroom till well after 4am.
While Brian is now completely exhausted from working like crazy, he fell asleep the minute he saw the bed! :)

So I'm in blogland, looking for some new project to start on. Right now I'm working on my first Christmas present for the year, which I can't share with you until Christmas of course. 

But since I can't work on that project 24/7 I was thinking of improving my cake pop skills. There are so many awesome ideas out there and I just cant figure out how to create perfectly shaped figures. So for the next couple of weeks I will just try to make fun colors and cute decorational ones with different kind of cakes and hopefully get the feel for it to move to the advanced level. I have to say, they are already super delicous and I could eat about 20 a day. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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