Tuesday, November 15, 2011

another pillow

I'm trying to not buy anymore fabric for the rest of this year and still do several fabric projects. I have so many left overs which I really need to use at some point. Why not for some christmas present crafts? 
I started with a new beige slip cover pillow, and since that was a little boring, I added some green petals.

I added several layers of different sizes of half rounds, sew them together and voila...

I might keep this one, since it kinda fits nicely on our couch and also to my new find from the Thrift Store!
How do you like my new lamp? For only 5 $ I brought it home last week. I already bought a new lamp shade, but of course it didnt fit! I'll also need to buy some spray paint to have the weird golden foot replaced. But one step after the other. First a matching pillow and then the finish of the lamp. :)