Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sky Scrapers, Herb Market and lots of Impressions

Like a fairy tail, unreal, amazing, not from this world. That was my impression on Dubai.
It was fun being there, exploring a new city on a new continent I have never been to. So many new insights, wow factors and eye stunning views.
The culture that is so unfamiliar. Women wear black Burka's, you can only see their eyes. It is up to 50Degrees Celsius and they must sweat. I'm drenched and am wearing short airy clothing. Sheiks in their white ropes followed by their entourage.
I really loved the safari tour with the endless sand dunes. You wonder who had the idea on building a city there instead.
Then of course you have the crazy, vibrant city of Dubai where there is one sky scraper next to the other and one higher and more spectacular as the one before.
Financial Building
Which reminds me of the Arc the Triumph in Paris

Emirates Towers
Inside is a mall with the most expensive stores as well as an amazing Nail Salon called N Bar. Have you heard of it? I might franchise that one in the States. It is too cute.

What I love, is the weather. Not the heat, but the beautiful blue sky everyday, no rain. It made me smile after the minute I got up. I could do without that blasting heat though, I couldn't take it.
Basj Khalifa
I went to the 124th floor where you had an amazing 360degree view. Tallest building in the world. I saw a plane fly by nearby and got freaky. What if...  Don't think, just enjoy.

I am Burj Khalifa. 
When you can't sleep at night - any night that was, you are glad the sun rises at 5am
and you can spend an hour or so at the pool before work. I could do that every day. Not the sleepless nights though, but the swimming before work - I really enjoyed.

A little sight seeing tour of the city and the herb and gold market couldn't be missed.
What I can not agree with understand, is their relationships and the fact that men can have several women in their lives. I'm too jealous and believe in the fact that you should spend your life with just one partner at a time. I'm so glad that I don't have to share my man with anybody.
I wonder if the stars below stand for the number of women....
Atlanta always on my mind! :)
The herb and gold market is located in several little streets
Same experience that I had in Turkey, people harass you to buy their products. It is fun with the first three, but it gets pretty annoying after a while.
The different herbs they had looked son interesting and most I no idea what they were.
We took a little private tour on a boat to cross over the river to take a cab back to the hotel.
The yellow bus, is actually a water bus and can also drive on streets.
Since the Virus MERS is something you have to watch out for and camel rides should not be on your schedule, I had a plan B. Aren't those cute?
Here am I with my Arabian husband and son while his other wives are grocery shopping. :)
I had a fun trip and was very fortunate to go to Dubai for work, meet interesting people, my colleagues from all over the world and get a new view on a lifestyle that is so different from anything I know.
After 7 days I somewhat adjusted to the time zone which is 8 hours different from the US, just to turn around and go back home. In a week though I will have the same issue. GERMANY here we come!

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Heather said...

Wow! Such great pictures! Im glad you were able to go and experience all that culture.