Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dubai - First Impressions

After a long 15 hour flight my colleague and I arrived last night in Dubai and checked into the beautiful JW Marriott Hotel. Not being able to sleep on the plane is always a pain for me and the 8 hour time difference comes on top of it. Exhausting. For some reason though, I was somewhat wide awake after we had one drink at the pool bar. It is HOT and very humid, even at night. I lay awake most of the night, reading a book and fell asleep at 7am, when my alarm came on 15 minutes later. I don't have to mention - I'm exhausted.
We went to the Dubai World Trade Center in the morning and met all of our international colleagues, checked on our US Pavilion structure and orders and left mid afternoon.
I badly needed a nap. So for an hour I was passed out with the wildest dreams. That always happens to me when I take naps. It is the best sleep I ever have.
We booked a Jeep safari tour in the desert and were picked up late afternoon.
While driving I took pictures of sky scrapers
and the tallest building in Dubai - Burj Khalifa
Of course a picture of the fairground of our Automechanika Dubai show.
We stopped to take some pressure out of the tires. Can you read the sign?
I didn't really know what to expect coming to Dubai, besides a crazy city built on sand. There is a huge city, but then as well miles and miles of desert.
Nothing but sand. It looks so very peaceful.
Our tour began. It was Bridget's third tour and she asked the driver to please not make it boring. I have to say - it was not boring at all and sometimes I wished for a little bit of boring in between.
He left all cars in front of us pass and waited so that we were last. He did some crazy moves, up and down the hill, passing cars while
I just hold on to the handle of the door with all my life and screamed, feared we'd flip over.
We drove for about 45 minutes up and down - sideways
Throwing sand in every possible direction.

Ones we passed a jeep with the doors open and a women standing outside puked and I thought - please dear god, don't let this happen to me. I got close, let me tell you. So much fun but my stomach wasn't very fond of all this.
Isn't this beautiful though? Away from all the craziness and so worth it.
Sunset Pictures
Completely sunken into the sand
We stopped at a camp and ate BBQ, heard Arabian music and watched a guy do a performance.
We met a father and a son that were in our group and took the tour with us. They are from Italy and are exhibiting at our show. Funny how small the world is.
If you have nothing better to do, come to Dubai, Automechanika starts on Tuesday!
For now, I'm going to bed - hoping to get some sleep, since tomorrow will be a busy day at the fairground setting up and getting ready to open the show.
Good night my friends!

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