Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ready for some vacation

We haven't been on vacation in a very long time. The last "real vacation" was last July to Hawaii to celebrate our first anniversary. Since I have a trade show coming up in July and will be crazy busy until then, and Brian can't have vacation till October, we are really looking forward for a long weekend in Jekyll Island to relax. I can't wait to stick my feet in the sand and take long walks on the beach. Rest, play some games, ride bikes around the island... I'm really ready, hopefully the day is going by fast tomorrow and the traffic won't be as bad. We are prepared for some rain over the weekend, I packed our backgammon board, which we are addicted to and some beach games.

What are your plans for Memorial Day? I wish all of you some nice peaceful days, get some rest and hopefully not such bad weather!

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