Monday, February 21, 2011

Staining the deck

Last weekend has been the nicest temperature here in the south, over 70degrees and finally spring weather. We decided on doing something on the house. Brian and I bought stain a couple weeks ago for our deck and this was the perfect weekend to start! We went with Olympic Maximum Canyon Brown, which seems a little dark right now, but I think that the sun will do its work. The panels were already so worn out -with no color anymore, they drank up a ton of stain. Also the house is new, nobody ever lived in there, it was build in 2007 and nobody took care of the wood outside. We had to buy 3 cans of 1 galon each.

What a difference! It scared me at first to make such a change in color, but it looks much healthier than before.

With all those small posts it took two full days to get it all covered inside and out but we really like the result.

 We are ready for more spring weather and nice backgammon games on our deck.

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