Friday, September 28, 2012

A long weekend ago..

I know most of you thought I was stuck by lightning, lost my internet connection, fell off the planet... BUT I'm still here. I haven't been that busy in months, and wasn't able to even think about blogging. My work schedule was ridiculous and still is. Unfortunately life goes on and on without me posting about it. This has to stop.

I wanted to share an update on our sweet boys which we took to the beach a couple of weeks ago. Toby is now 9months, weighs 70lbs and is growing like a weed.

We had a blast, seeing Toby run into the ocean for the first time ever was so cute. He jumped over waves with all fourth,noticed he can't stay on the ground anymore and swam back to the shore to roll in sea weeds and sand. I just share some pictures with you, they say more than 1000 words.



digging holes in the sand

Steele joining him! :)

This was their favorite place.

waiting for the next wave

riding the wave

and chilling out with mommy and daddy (who hat to stay in sea weed)

When it got to hot, they jumped out into the ocean and swam for a little,

until they got tired and had to jump up on us to be hold.

Drying off on the beach

chasing each other

giving kisses to mommy

and taking family pictures

We loved every minute of it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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