Sunday, May 17, 2015

Baby W and the start of the nursery

 It's been a crazy whirlwind the last couple of months.
From working a lot, traveling all the time, and finding out that we are finally going to be parents.
We are over the moon excited and telling our families over Christmas was amazing and a very special moment.
I'm so glad I was able to tell my grandparents in Germany in person since my grandpa passed away just a couple of weeks afterwards. I know that he now looks out for the little one and me from above.
Of course our furry babies were part of the reveal on the Christmas Card that went out to our families.
Toby is very excited for all the new toys that will be coming to the house and of course being a big brother.  
 After several horrible weeks of morning sickness I finally gained some strength and energy back.
Remember my craft room?
It has seen better days, more organized and clean moments. It was time to do something about it and since we needed this room very soon as nursery I cleaned it up and started moving piece by piece downstairs.
We have a pretty good sized, very pretty formal living room, that we have never sat in in the last 4 years owning our house. SO.. I took it over as my new craft room.
Furniture was moved out of it into our living room, some re-decorating had to be done to make room, but in the end I'm so glad we did this.
My big craft desk was moved in between windows to get a lot of natural light when I work on my signs and crafts.

I now sit in there several times a week, have Steele mostly as my company on the leather chair next to me and enjoy this room as never before.
Finally there is a purpose to it.

After having an empty room upstairs, we picked up our crib and assembled it on a nice Sunday afternoon.

One trip to Ikea with a friend, I picked out a dresser that is going to be the changing table. Brian hates Ikea and wouldn't set a foot in there nor would he help assemble anything from Ikea. Fortunately he helped me get the boxes out of the car and upstairs - then I was on my own.
Several hours later, the dresser was assembled and I exhausted.

I imagined all those hours the baby laying on that table getting changed and wanted to have a cute mobile hanging from the ceiling for distraction.
I bought a couple sheets of grey and silver cardstock and created stars with my Silhouette Cameo.

I cut about 50 of them out in different paper stock and glued them together with a twine in the middle.
I hung the wreath up so the stars would fall nicely in place and were able to dry.

I also painted an old frame grey and created a sign with a German saying from Astrid Lindgren.
(Be naughty, wild and wonderful) 
One side of the room done - now we only need the actual changing pad.
On the opposite side, I had another dresser that Brian brought into our relationship from college years. I painted it about 5 years ago from birch to dark brown to fit in. 
What are we going to do with this guy? It's old, somewhat beat up but it's a dresser and could give us lots of storage space for diapers and baby stuff.
People that know me pretty well know, that if I have an idea, it has to be done NOW. After looking at several new places to live and coming home with only disappointed outcomes, I locked myself in the nursery. A paint brush in one hand, the mask over my nose and mouth - on a mission.
I needed my mood to get better and the nursery to come to life since we apparently aren't moving anytime soon.
Taking the drawer pulls off of it and closing the holes with wood putty, this ugly duckling needed to become a swan.
After some sanding, I painted all of the drawers, top and sides turquoise.

I drilled new holes for the new drawer pulls and screwed them into place.  

A night light is a Must! For the many times at night that you are going to check on the baby, trying not to wake it up but not stumbling over stuff in a pitch black room.. I decided to take a glass stone with lights inside (that my Mother in Law made for us for Christmas). I cut some vinyl design and attached it to the glass.
We bought a very old, rough looking mirror at the Blue Ride auction that I painted and revamped a little bit, found a rocking horse at good will for $3.00 and that completes the other side of the room.
Stay tuned for the remaining furniture and outcome of our nursery.
OH and have I told you the gender yet? 

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Heather said...

It is coming along so nicely!!! And no more painting!!!